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Description Stratum-bot v0.2.4 drom 04.12.2018 14:00


  • saving collections of threads
  • pre-stop the stream before deleting
  • hidden extra notification for Windows Eng
  • many minor improvements and improvements

More about it

  • Now you can save and load threads collection into the bot. This will allow you to save collections of your favorite pairs and quickly load them when you start working with the bot. This is done using the context menu. Collections are saved to the Threads folder as folders. From there, they can also removed threads collection.
  • When you delete a workflow through the context menu, the thread first stops, terminates, and then deletes.

Update Instructions

  • To update automatically, just click the update button.

1) license file (license)

2) bot settings file (sb.set)

3) saved strategies (folder Strategies)